Going on Tour 04 Jan 2007

I have mentioned this to a few people already, but I will be attending te MacWorld Expo this year. Unfortunately the project I have been hustling to attempt to finish in time for MacWorld will not be done until late january/february, so I'll be schmoozing and talking it up at MacWorld, and walking around with a big dunce hat on my head.

The Tour Map

True to my inherent nature (see: dunce), I will be packing the bleep roadshow into my super-mega-awesome VW Jetta and driving from San Antonio to San Francisco. What does this mean for you I bet you're contemplating, well, a one time opportunity not only to meet me (a rare honor only bestowed various hiring managers and women of the night) but you too can buy me a beer, lunch, or dinner! If you're a Mac/Mono developer and just happen to either be in San Francisco next week, or along the way, drop me an email ( and I'd be more than happy to stop in $CITY long enough to grab a bite to eat.

I'm not completely sure what to expect, nor how to schedule my time while there. I'm thinking about forgoing buying a "Users Conference" ticket or a "MacIT Conference" since it seems to be as large a waste of money as lighting my January rent payment on fire. Right now I'm planning on buying an exhibit hall ticket, bringing a stack of business cards, and resumés and seeing how many people I can meet.

Again, if you're going to be there, let me know. The bleep roadshow departs early on the 7th, so my email will be hit and miss en route.