Publishing War on the Horizon 26 Jan 2007

Apparently, predictably, and late to the party, research publishers are getting nervous about the push for Open Access. Hopefully this is just an idea for a push from the publishers that will quickly be dropped, but from an article on (found via slashdot of course):

Public access equals government censorship

I hesitate to even quote that because it's so far off-base. There was more too, but since this is just an article on a potential future publicity campaign I don't really think a thorough response is warranted. If the publishers ever try pushing this BS on the research community I have no doubt the response will not be what the publishers hope.

These publishers have to realize that the entire reason they exist at all is because they have been the best way to make information available to as many people as possible. Publishing researchers want their work to be available and if traditional publishers can't continue to be a relevant way to make that happen then they simply don't have a viable business model. Personally I still think there's value in subscriptions to printed journals, and I'm sure people I work with feel the same.