I came across this after reading a bit about the "bomb scare" in Boston today, and cannot come to any other conclusion than "we're retarded." In the picture in the article linked above, even I can clearly see that it's really not a bomb, it's hardly even a "device" but nonetheless, these "hoax packages caused alarm in Boston."

I fear that in this age of increased terror-McCarthyism and ridiculous (shallow) security measues, if I were to forget my backback under the table in an outdoor café, I would return later to retrieve it and be greeted by a bomb squad apprehensively approaching my backpack filled with nothing more explosive than a half-eaten roast beef sandwich.

To the staff of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" it was nice knowing you, and I'm sorry but you're all about to be implicated in an eeeevil terrorist plot to bombard Boston with poor animation; regardless, I hear Cuba has wonderful weather this time of year.