Perforce On The Road, p4tunnel 18 Mar 2007
software development

The best means of accessing a Perforce repository is over an SSH tunnel, to access my home repository while I'm on the road I use a handy-dandy little script to do a few things:
  • Access Perforce
  • Access P4Web
  • Setup a SOCKS5 proxy

The proxy is more so I can have some semblance of security while on open wireless networks, the rest should be self explanatory.

Anyways, straight from /usr/local/bin, here's my p4tunnel script:


echo "===> Creating tunnel to ${HOST} with a SOCK5 proxy on port ${PROXY_PORT}"

ssh ${HOST} -L 1666:localhost:1666 -L 8080:localhost:8080 -D ${PROXY_PORT} -C