Windows Eye for the Cocoa Guy 30 Apr 2007
software development

I finally got around to posting the slides for my presentation at the april CocoaHeads Silicon Valley meeting. The motivation for the talk was to introduce my fellow Mac developer colleagues to some of the goods and bads of modern Windows develolpment. One of the primary points I tried to bring across was that Apple doesn't yet have an IDE that I would put on the same level as Visual Studio 2005, which is arguably one of the most complex and complete IDEs out there (with Eclipse in a close second, in my opinion). Xcode (and friends) in Leopard are very close to taking the throne away from Microsoft in that respect, but there are still a few things that are holding them back, such as gdb, which is still a relatively primitive debugger.

With .NET 3.0 however, Microsoft is fighting back hard for the make-believe "most cool framework" award, with additions like Windows Presentation Foundation (formerly called Avalon). The downside of a lot of .NET 3.0 however is Microsoft's incessant love of all things XML, as WPF is based primarily on XAML which is grotesque on a good day.

Unfortunately I can't repeat my entire presentation, and I didn't want to post my presenter notes, but hopefully you can ascertain enough information from my presentation.

Windows Eye for the Cocoa Guy