Twitterbot Recap 01 May 2007

While trudging through some comment spam, I came across some older comments that I felt needed recapping in this post about my Twitterbot. An anonymous poster had asked about some issues with Mono on Mac OS X returning 401 Unauthorized errors when using HTTP authentication within the Twitterbot. The issue was fixed relatively quickly after I brought it to the attention of some of the Mono developers, and the fix will be included in Mono 1.2.4 (preview available).

There shouldn't be any more issues with regards to running the Twitterbot on any platform supported by Mono now. In the future I would also like to add better history and duplicate checking by using either a flat-file datasource or one that feeds on a database, but the latter would probably make the program far more complex and difficult to use. Ideas, as usual, are always welcome.