Insanity. 24 Jun 2007
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It's been exactly one month since the F8 event (Facebook Platform Launch) changed everything, and it's still going.

Rumor has it that users at some point translate into money, and at some point that money might see my bank account. I'm not holding out hope for this, but it's a novel idea.

Who would of thought that some of the goofiest ideas I've ever implemented would take off?

Here's the differences that I've found:
  • Indie Developer: "Man it'd be cool to have a couple of thousand users"
  • Enterprisey Contract Developer: "Man it'd be cool to have a couple hundred thousand users"
  • Startup Developer: "Man, I hacked up something over the weekend that has a couple of million users. Ho hum, to the pub?"[1]

The sheer scale of the market on the web is mind-boggling, despite working for a web company, I still stand by Todd Manning's comments of "I hate the web, the web is stupid." It's a fact I accept however, I hate Windows as a development platform, but I'm willing to accept that it's too large of a market to ignore (something the guys at plasq get with both skitch and ComicLife).

Not three months ago my days were filled with C# and now it's all python all the time.

I'll sleep when the bubble pops.

[1] Just kidding, I cherish every single one of my users like they were my own children, staying up late worrying, wishing it were legal to hit them with a plank of wood