IronRu..OOH SHINEY! 23 Jul 2007

While debating which set of bugs to squash next, I popped open Vienna and started catching up on monologue and came across Jb Evains' post regarding IronRuby which John Lam from Microsoft posted as just being "released" (pre-mega-alpha).

While I don't use Ruby, or even IronPython on a day to day basis, I have done a lot of work in Cocoa (Objective-C) and to a greater extent, Python. Watching hackers get dynamic languages up and running on top of the CLR is almost like watching Neil Armstrong walk on the moon, you were hoping that it could be done, but up until you actually saw it, you weren't really sure if it could actually be acheived.

Unfortunately, I don't care for Ruby's syntax in comparision to Python's, but that still doesn't mean I can't get excited about dynamic languages on top of the CLR, wahoo!