Another Facebook Developer Meetup 14 Aug 2007
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Seth Goldstein of SocialMedia (who I think are a competitors of ours) has organized a Facebook Developers Meetup/Miniconference of sorts this Wednesday from 12-5 p.m. at Fenwick & West here in San Francisco, which I will be attending.F8 Badge I'm not completely sure on what I'll be talking about, I'm thinking about discussing some of the issues with scaling on the Facebook platform, or the pitfalls of choosing FBML vs. HTML for developing your Facebook application. There's going to be lots of market-speak I'm assuming ("OMFG VIRALITY!") so I'd like to bring a bit more of the technical side of developing applications that can explode on the Facebook platform.

What I end up talking about is completely open to discussion, so if there's anything you'd like me to talk about, feel free to leave me a comment or drop me a mail at tyler [at] slide [diggitydot] com.

While I am not one to discuss a lot about our "strategy" or "pixie dust" or however we've done what we've done, I do know how a lot of what we done works, and his Maxness permitting, i'll be able to impart some of the <fb:wisdom/> I've accumulated upon my fellow application developers. If interest warrants it, I might start to share some of my sicker (read: awesome) FBML hacks on this blog, but since I'm a big nobody in the world of blogs, it might be a waste of time, so we'll see.

Regardless, if you can make it this wednesday come on by and say "howdy"

I promise I probably don't bite.

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Just in case you aren't familiar with Facebook's Platform, or what's exactly going on, I figured I'd cite why Slide, and in turn why I am (sort of) credible to talk on the subject.
Slide has done a good job (in my absurdly biased opinion) on the Facebook Platform with some of the top applications such as: