Coping with Success: Scaling on the Facebook Platform. 15 Aug 2007
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I figured I'd go ahead and post this now since the format is of the "App Dev Conference" (InsideFacebook coverage) is more paneled than the original "small presentations" I assumed it to be. Oops.

We talked about a few topics from a developer perspective, such as a minor gripe session on Facebook breaking FBML, but the highlights of our developer's panel are monetizing and growing the user engagement inside the applications. I was on the panel with Blake Commagere (Vampires), Dave Genztel, (SocialMedia), Jia Shen, (RockYou), Joe Winterhalter (Quizzes), James Hong (HotOrNot). Fortunately for me, I get to do cool stuff like this, almost as the "voice" of Top Friends despite the fact that Top Friends is a definite Slide property with more smart people behind it than just me alone.

Regardless, in between fixing some bugs last night, I hacked up a presentation citing some of the various means of scaling and designing your application to scale appropriately, I also made sure to discuss some of the lower-level scalability with one of our brilliant server guys, to cover the bases from application-level scaling to database and Facebook API scaling.

I hope you enjoy my presentation with notes included:
Coping with Success: Scaling on the Facebook Platform (PDF)
Coping with Success: Scaling on the Facebook Platform (Flickr)