My Boss is a Robot. 22 Aug 2007
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Sometimes Max tells me things that I find hard to believe, but after I verify that he's not just telling tall tales, they inevitably turn out to be 100% correct, which is scary.

Jokingly I mentioned that "Max is a robot" today, to which he promptly corrected me stating that "it's already known" that Max Levchin is a cyborg.

Some of my favorite quotes from this obviously factual article are:
  • "The man is ripped. What human engineer has biceps?"
  • "When he worked at PayPal doing security (alert: common robot job).."

The WD-40 he keeps in his left back pocket, and the obvious mechanical extension of his hand (which assumes the shape of a Blackberry) should have been dead give-aways, but I somehow glazed over this.