Back to the Basics 23 Aug 2007

So last time we spoke I just arrived in college station during the spring semester. It has been a while! So I decided to come back after talking to my buddy tyler last night, I was reminded of the good times I had on unethical blogger (even though I only posted once). So I think I am going to start a weekly blog of things that scared the shit of of me this week. Many readers will laugh at this weeks, I did not find the situation funny.



As I was throwing out the trash, I hit a raccoon with a box and I jumped out of the dumpster and almost killed me. Luckily I have learned from Chuck Norris So that Raccoon was good as dead. Bust still they need to die.

I have also started a new thing with my buddy tyler, when I call tyler for tech support, I give him a dollar. So far he has earned 4. By the end of the year I would not be surprised if he has earned at least 50 from me.

Anywhoo my quesidillla is done so I gotsta jet.

As always I am your humble mexican friend,

The Roy