Video: Facebook Developer Garage

I figured I'd go ahead and include some of the Facebook Developer Garage videos that were recently posted to YouTube, including ones of me giving my presentation.

Coping with Success

Part One

Part Two

And of course Dave Fetterman, the lead engineer on the Facebook Platform gave a good talk (preceeding mine)

From Facebook

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

In general it was a great event, both technically, but also in terms of networking and sharing knowledge and ideas we've all accrued through our work on the platform. Slide had a good showing in my opinion and I think we did a good job of offering up advice where we could in terms of scaling, technical "gotchas" on the platform, and whatever else we could offer up to the community.

Around 300 showed up this time around, I'm hoping closer to 400 or 500 show up for the next Facebook Developer event that's held in the bay area, but we'll see.

Videos courtesy of dalmaer