C'mon down to SilverlightDevCampSF 14 Sep 2007
mono software development

A bit late to bring up, but later today and tomorrow here in San Francisco, "we" (using that term loosely) will be holding SilverlightDevCampSF, one of the first BarCamp-styled events that I'll have ever attended where I've not played a part in it's organization.

In case you're unfamiliar with BarCamp events, they're loosely organized meetups/conferences to which geeks flock to normally for the booze included, but sometimes for the technical aspects as well.

I'm showing up particularly for Kevin Marshall's session on "Silverlight Facebook Apps" for obvious reasons, as well as to try my best to enlighten my fellow developers on the joys of Mono and Moonlight (that last part might not work out, time permitting). Overall it should be fun, and I hope if you're in the bay area you can make it down to 1 Market St! (map)

In case you're showing up, here's what I look like:

I'm with stupid ^