Channel9 Silverlight Interview 19 Sep 2007
mono miscellaneous software development

At the closing of SilverlightDevCampSF Microsoft Evangelist Adam Kinney did a brief video interview with me about my silly Silverlight hack. I had just started with Silverlight the night before, and didn't even have Moonlight virtual machine up yet, but I did have a Windows XP vm kicking around.

After the, roughly, three hours it took me to get Visual Studio 2008 (Orcas), Expression Blend, and a couple of other tidbits installed on my vm, I finally got to my Silverlight hack. Starting with something I presumed would be exceedingly simply, I created our "collage" transition in Silverlight (you can find a "sample" here).

The hack is relatively simple, a new randomly generated storyboard and canvas are created for each image, then added to the root element; after 15 images have been added the canvas is cleared and repeats. I used Silverlight 1.0, since that's all that is released right now, so everything is in Javascript (argh!), but I intend on revisiting the hack once Silverlight 1.1 is a bit more stable (and rewrite it in IronPython!).

Anyways, here's the interview.