Contemplating ReMIX 07 in Boston 23 Sep 2007
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While catching up on about 2 weeks of Mono Subversion commit emails (about 1000), building Mono, and writing a new Facebook REST client library, I came across ReMIX 07 in Boston, which certainly looks interesting. I haven't been to Boston yet, and it'd be nice to at the very least, to try to buy Miguel and some of the Boston-based Mono team a beer, maybe to make up for some of my anger that sometimes blurts out into the IRC channel:

05:48 <rtyler> god [expletive-deleted] damnit, I'm going to beat somebody up
(Which, in all fairness, usually stems from some idiot mistake on my part)

The sessions on Silverlight by Adam Kinney, who I did this interview with, are definitely looking enticing, as I'm still trying to figure out if it's worth my time and effort, or if Microsoft is going to screw developers again (ActiveX for Mac OS anybody?).

Most of the sessions seem to be targeting web developers, which is a role I find myself increasingly definable by, despite my role being clearly stated on my business card:

New Biz Card

Regardless, seeing what developers are doing off in la-la-Microsoft land should be interesting as most of my web development work is either in Python or ASP.NET(Mono).

I am a little disappointed in the lack of sessions on IronPython and where that project is heading; it probably lost out to mega-mind-boggling sessions like "Stop Building PowerPoint Backgrounds & Start Selling High-end Presentations", which means I would have to settle on "Just Glue It! Ruby and the DLR in Silverlight" for my DLR fix.

That said, will it be worth a trip across country and a couple of hundred dollars out of pocket? Any couches available in the Boston are? And of course, are Microsoft conferences that awesome?