Graphing Social, Building your first app workshop. 03 Oct 2007
slide facebook presentation

As one of the developers behind a big Facebook application or three (1, 2, 3), I've tried to share the love as much as possible. I can be found regularly on the #facebook channel on Freenode as well as in various tea lounges and bakeries. Through our Indie App Promotion in Top Friends and some other projects still developing, I'm trying my best to help ease the transition from web developer, to Facebook Platform developer as much as possible for my fellow hackers out there.

So, partially because my employer has been gracious enough to allow me, and because Dave McClure has given me the opportunity, I will be hosting a workshop at the Graphing Social conference in San Jose, CA, this upcoming Sunday.

The workshop is titled "Facebook App Dev 101: Intro to Platform / Building Your First App." In the first half of the workshop I'll cover some of the basics, with an introduction to the Facebook Platform, some Facebok Platform developer resources that are available, and then I'll touch on the various frameworks available for the Facebook Platform ranging from Facebook's PHP4/5 client library, to PyFacebook (Python), rfacebook (Ruby), and the Facebook Developer Toolkit (.NET). The second half of the workshop will cover building a sample application from the ground up, i.e. from setting up the developer version of the application as well as the live version, to writing a basic feed-postin', invitin', profile updatin' Facebook application in PHP and finally to running some basic tests and setting up basic metrics for the application.

Regardless of whether the workshop is recorded on video (it's going to be two, hour and fifteen minute, sessions, so most likely not), I'll be sure to post my "workshop materials" here after the fact. Hopefully they become as useful to novice Facebook Platform application developers as I hope my previous presentation "Coping with Success" (video) has been.

If you're in the Bay Area, I would highly recommend at the coming to Graphing Social as most of the bigger players on the Facebook Platform will be there, and it should definitely be an interesting conference, and if you're a developer who wants to get the scoop on developing Facebook Platform applications, be sure to come to the super-mega-awesome workshops we'll be doing this Sunday preceding the two main days of the conference.

Hope to see you there :)