Remix 07 Boston, Woohoo! 03 Oct 2007
mono miscellaneous

Turns out I'll be attending Remix 07 Boston next week but unfortunately my mega-cool-Silverlight hack won't be finished due to some scheduling complexities involved with working 130% of my time at a start-up in San Francisco (turns out, not too conducive to side-projects). I will be arriving bright and early at 6:30a.m. pounding down a gigantic (and expensive) airport coffee, and then heading to the Hyatt Regency Cambridge, so I apologize in advance if I look exceedingly tired Monday morning.

It'll be a great opportunity to get a feel for where Microsoft thinks that Silverlight is going, and how they intend to get there. It's a long hard road to even become near where Flash is in terms of market entrenchment, but Microsoft is one of three companies I believe currently capable of acheiving it (the other two being Adobe itself [bought Macromedia, they cheated], and Apple).

I would also like to give those Popfly guys an earful but I may spare them depending on how busy I am trying to find some fellow Facebook developers that live in the Boston area, or Miguel, who I'm pretty sure doesn't exist, but is merely a robotic creation of some wacky laboratory in Mexico.

If you'd like to meetup and have lunch, or a beer in the evening Monday or Tuesday, feel free to send me at email ( or track me down during the actual conference (i'm this guy).

Special thanks to Anand for what us young-folk call "the hook-ups" and I look forward to seeing both of my blog readers in Boston next week ;)