Introducing: "Why are you awesome?" 06 Oct 2007
software development facebook

As I previously mentioned, I'll be teaching a workshop on "developing your first Facebook application" tomorrow at the Graphing Social conference in San Jose. I figured, what better way to explain building your first Facebook app then to write one! Why the hell not right? So last thursday night I cleaned the dust off my pathetic PHP skills and set to work to create an application in a couple hours, that I could use as a tool for teaching the "basics" of Facebook application development.

Behold, awesomeness

Why are you awesome? is a relatively simple application that follows the self-importance of Twitter, but adds the "social graph", and voting capabilities. Using "Why are you awesome?" I hope to convey in a marginally basic sense some of the core concepts behind rendering FBML pages, making use of notifications/feed posts/invitations and Mock AJAX from the profile.

I won't disclose too much before the presentation (not that anybody will see this before the presentation), but I'm extremely happy with what about 4 hours of morning hacking has garnered me, and the possibilities of the application.

You know what, let's see that super-mega-hot interface one more time.