Facebook App Development 101 Wrap-up 07 Oct 2007
slide facebook

In addition to posting the source code for the application I wrote specificaly for Graphing Social ("Why are you awesome?") I also figured I should post my slides from the two hour or so session, which was composed of much more discussion and suggestions from Ari Steinberg (a Facebook Platform developer) and myself on developing on the platform and some of the intricacies involved. Gary Lerhaupt did a good job of "live blogging (part one)" (part two) the workshop if you're interested in the play-by-play.

In theory there should be video soon so "stay tuned" (get it!) and I'll be sure to either post or link appropriately.

Regardless, I hope you can at least find the presentation informative if you couldn't be here.

Facebook App Development.pdf

In general I really enjoyed presenting and answering questions from some folks in the audience who were really keen on squeezing as much knowledge out of my pea-sized brain as possible. Unfortunately I can't stay for the next two days of Graphing Social, as I'm off to ReMix 07 Boston and some Silverlight hackery!