Unofficlal Facebook Developers Meetup: Boston 08 Oct 2007

During the insane array of things that have been/are going on these past couple days, I have neglected to mention that I'll be organizing another Unofficial Facebook Developers Meetup, this time in Boston.

The Facebook event can be found here, and I am thinking we'll be striving to grab dinner and drinks tomorrow (Tuesday, October 9th) in the Cambridge area since that seems to be central enough for everybody to come.

Zach Allia, of Free Gifts fame, myself, as well as a few independent Facebook developers have already RSVP'd, but I'd love to see as a lot more Facebook developers, or those just interested in the platform, come out and join us to discuss some Facebook platform related things, pick each others' brains, and throw back a pint of Sam Adams.

The venue hasn't really been decided yet, I'm debating between a couple different resturants in Cambridge, so if you have any suggestions, by all means bring it up. Regardless, if you're in the Boston area, come on out, it should be lots of fun.