Miguel de Icaza's Remix 07 Boston Keynote Address 09 Oct 2007

Before I leave Boston, I had to make sure of one more thing, that my fellow Mono bretheren got to see what I got to see, Miguel's keynote. Thanks to lots of hard encoding and video preparation done by G. Andrew Duthie and his crew from Microsoft's Media Room at Remix 07 Boston, the videos from the keynote have already been posted in their entirety to Channel 9.

Unfortunately they didn't clip the videos on a per-speaker basis, so you'll probably want to fast-forward in the video to about the 11 minute marker to watch our fearless leader question the manhood of 400 Microsoft developers as I had previously mentioned. Talking with Miguel after the fact he mentioned that some of his more witty quips were mostly due to him worrying about things breaking on stage and going impromptu with some of the things he was talking about. Overall though I think Miguel did a great job exhibiting Moonlight and the Gnome desktop in general, so I hope you enjoy the video (again, fast-forward to the 11 minute marker).

Watch Miguel on stage at Remix 07 Boston (direct link)
(Download VLC to watch on Linux/Mac OS X)