Remix 07 Boston Wrap-up 12 Oct 2007
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Earlier this week, following CommunityNext and Graphing Social I was lucky enough to have been asked out to Boston for Remix 07 Boston. After receiving the necessary flack from my co-workers at Slide (primarily a Python/Linux shop), I boarded a plane late Sunday night to arrive extremely early on Monday morning (6a.m. isn't my best hour).

Upon arrival to the Hyatt Regency Cambridge, I found out that I had access to the Media Room, which allowed me to recharge my laptop and plug into a hard-wired connection such that I was able to write up a few blog posts from the conference itself. Having such access also allowed me to work on some sample Silverlight applications that I'll write up over the weekend covering Silverlight and IronPython.

While I enjoyed the sessions, such as Miguel's session on Moonlight and Mono and another session on the DLR and dynamic languages, what I enjoyed most was the ability to pick the brains of some of the folks there. Specifically guys like Aaron Brethorst, who works a lot on Microsoft Popfly's interface among other things, who let me question just about everything under the sun with regards to Popfly while still maintaining that I really like the application and its potential.

I also really enjoyed meeting up with Miguel and his crew at Novell (Aaron Bockover and Michael Hutchinson) after Miguel was kind enough to take me to a late lunch and then show me around Novell's Boston office. I also think Miguel successfully guilted me into contributing more code that I've been putting off for so long, like my Mono.Nat NAT-PMP code, Mono.Facebook.Platform, and some patches for System.Web.Script.Serialization; all of which I have neglected in the difficult search for a good night's rest, or the perfect ping-pong serve against co-workers.

I still look and feel mostly dead from exhaustion, but not dead enough not to continue pounding away on everybody's favorite Facebook app, or working on some of the other really cool things that we work on here at Slide (bubble text!). In the valley, everybody knows who Slide is now, everybody knows what's going on with Facebook, and an extremely small subset of people that matter know who I am; but on the east coast, far fewer understand what's going on right now on "that college social network, right?"

Miguel said he doesn't install Facebook applications citing the near-complete opacity of the security and data-storage policy to the end-user, but maybe now that he's met me, and knows who's behind it, he'll install Top Friends and I'll finally be able to claim that Miguel uses something that I wrote, instead of the usual case of vice versa.

Note to self: Travel back to Boston, soon.