Google Search Inside of Facebook 13 Oct 2007
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A couple of days ago I found out that you could get Google results in JSON while poking around for simple JSON APIs that I could use for miscellaneous hacks.

I was thinking of all the fun things I could do with search results, and finally settled today on the most ridiculous one possible, searching from within Facebook. About an hour's worth of PHP5 later, I present Search!, another ridiculous example application.

Unlike my previous "Why are you awesome?" demonstration application, Search! doesn't really integrate into Facebook nearly as much. Search! doesn't post to the profile, send notifications, or do much more than provide an easy means of sharing search links via your "Posted Items" or sending them along in a message to a friend on Facebook.

Searching with Search!

Sharing search results

I can make no claims to this being a "good" application by any means, I just really felt the need to write something ridiculous, and this is what came out. The source code can be considered public domain, but I would appreciate attribution if you spread this super-mega-awesome code.

Install Search! | Search! Source Code