Widget Summit Slides 16 Oct 2007
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I recently got off stage at Widget Summit and figured I'd better post my slides before I get back to the grind at Slide.

Unfortunately given some of the restraints on my personal and professional time, I couldn't come up with an entirely new presentation for this event but some of the concepts I've talked about at previous presentations and talks could be brought into this presentation. The audience here at Widget Summit was slightly different than previous talks so I needed to modify and remove some of the more developer-targeted content as it simply wasn't pertinent to this audience.

In general I think the talk went reasonably well, with the sole exception of running about 10 minutes short of the allotted time because I talked too fast. It did however give me the opportunity to answer plenty of questions. I hope my slides are more informative than I think they will be by themselves, since I didn't have any presenter notes and was speaking impromptu almost the entire time. Enjoy?

Facebook for Widgeteers (PDF)