Any Unemployed .NET Developers in NYC? 20 Oct 2007
mono miscellaneous software development

Last week at the Widget Summit speakers dinner I met an executive from DoubleClick, you know, that gigantic ad company that recently got acquired by Google, Inc. While talking about some of the difficulties in developing scalable web products I brought up some of my history in terms of developing .NET web applications and of course, Mono (at least I think that's how we got on the topic).

As it turns out, DoubleClick is really pushing to modernize their internal infrastructure on the .NET platform and really needs some smart folks either willing to move to New York City, or that already live there. If you're looking, feel free to contact me at and I'll put you in touch, or hit up their careers page.

If you go to work at DoubleClick, I think you can technically get away with saying you work for Google. You'll also be able to say you are working on truly scalable .NET, which is something I really only think Windows Live and Myspace* developers can say currently.

Of course, if you're on the west-coast or lean more towards Python, Slide is always hiring.

* As it turns out, Myspace runs one of the largest .NET sites on the internet, and lays claim to the largest SQL Server installation on the entire planet.