Facebook Flyers Make My Eyes Bleed. 17 Nov 2007

As part of what consists of my day/night/weekend job, developing Facebook applications like Top Friends, I spent a lot of time on Facebook (mostly losing games of Scrabulous to other developers). Since I spend anywhere between 20 and 30 hours a day on Facebook, I see a lot of Facebook's ads, and in particular, Facebook's "Flyers".

The concept at it's most basic level is a novel one, allow posting a flyer, similar to stapling a "Free Couch" flyer to a bulletin board, except on Facebook. In practice however, they suck. They suck bad. Really bad. I have a much higher respect for advertisers that can come up with ads that are either intriguing, or at the very least, not absolutely painful to see.

Over the past week I've been quietly taking screenshots of the absolutely worst Flyers that I've seen that have brought me close to sending a flaming bag of poo down to Palo Alto. Think about the lame kind of spam you get in your inbox, that's about the level that Facebook's Flyers seem to be, except I can't fix it with aggressive spamassasin rules.

Isn't this supposed to be targeted? These all seem to target single, stupid, bi-curious, poor, gullible, and desperate people, and I'm pretty sure I only fall in, at most, three of those categories.

Seriously, what the fuck.