This has been a whirlwind year for startups across the bay area and my startup, TY-Combinator really is no different. Barely a month into 2008, Slide, Inc announced it had received funding, the recent news about the bid from Microsoft to purchase Yahoo! for just above the GDP of Croatia and now great news for the TY-Combinator.

I'm pleased to announce that the TY-Combinator has received an unsolicited bid from Microsoft that values TY-Combinator shares at over 400% under market value. Microsoft is willing to offer TY-Combinator a half-eaten sammich in exchange for 85% of TY-Combinator outstanding shares. This is an exciting time to work for TY-Combinator, with the prospective addition of the capital Microsoft is willing to offer we will be able to finance new projects to expand our global reach over 1000%, up from our reported reach in the 2007 fiscal year of 1.

Microsoft's bid for a stake in TY-Combinator