Speaking at Graphing Social Patterns 16 Feb 2008
slide facebook presentation

Coming up in the first week of March you'll be able to find me doing one of my three favorite things (right behind, writing code and sleeping), I'll be talking, in front of people, about Facebook, Bebo and "social applications." If you are one of the four people that have gone on record has having actually subscribed to my RSS feed, you might know that I spoke at something called "Graphing Social" in the past, but this time I'm speaking at "Graphing Social Patterns West" which will be occurring in parallel to O'Reilly's "ETech (Emerging Technology) Conference)" in San Diego March 3rd and 4th.

I'll be talking briefly, in front of people, on tuesday March 4th about during a joint session on "Social App Development 101: Elements of Style," where I'll be discussing some of keystone pieces of building an application that "pops" on Facebook and Bebo, and designing for portability, etc. My session is going to be brief, so I will most likely be employing my crouching-ninja-presentation technique, where the slides rotate every quarter-second at such a fast pace that the content becomes melded into my audiences' subconscious. It's been rumored to cause brain hemorrhaging, but that's nothing but an urban legend, I promise.

In general the entire event should be lots of fun; I'm looking forward to schmoozing with the speakers lined up for the event, as well the time-honored tradition at O'Reilly conferences, playing a good old game of "Find Tim and tickle him until he pees himself."

Overall the combination of GSP West and ETech looks like it's going to make for an interesting couple of days in San Diego, go ahead and register now to make sure you can get in.