I've been getting voice-mails from Chase Auto-Finance recently bugging me to pay them some money (turns out they're strapped for cash lately, something silly about irresponsible lending).

All is well and good, I normally call Chase up once a month and navigate through increasingly painful phone menus and give Chase some of my money. As luck would have it, sometime between my last payment, and my current payment, Chase decided that you should really talk to a representative to make a payment. In effect, I have to talk to some poor soul working in a shitty 9-5 call center job to pay a car payment that I've paid for the past two years via an automated system. Hooray progress.

Back to the voice mails, each one I receive I normally receive when I am at work, turns out I am receiving the voice mails because I'm too busy working to answer the phone. Unfortunately the voice mails always contain some poor soul working in a shitty 9-5 call center job asking me to call a Chase representative back to resolve my outstanding payment issue.

Why is my bank making it so damned hard to give them money?

In the future I intend on staying with my other bank for my loans since not only do they have reasonable customer service representatives, but they make it incredibly easy to give them money.