Toying around with ASP.NET MVC and NAnt 24 Aug 2009
mono miscellaneous

I recently found myself toying around with a number of web frameworks (like Seaside) to get a good read on who's doing what in the web world outside of Python and Django, when I stumbled across the ASP.NET MVC Add-in for MonoDevelop. Though the new Vim keybindings are sweet, I still can't effectively get work done in MonoDevelop yet. What MonoDevelop does do however is support generating Makefiles for any given project, which allowed me to create some Makefiles for an ASP.NET MVC project I had created in MonoDevelop, and port those Makefiles over to fit my NAnt and Vim-based workflow.

Along with building the necessary DLLs, I prefer to use my NAnt scripts to fire up the NUnit console and fire up a development instance of XSP to test my web applications out. All said and done this fairly basic script does the job; I typically run it with:
nant test run

Not much else to say, hope you find it useful.