Angry Tweeter 28 Dec 2009
opinion miscellaneous

This year my family celebrated the holidays in north Florida at my older sister’s house, fortunately for the location is just as difficult to get to by plane as my parent’s house, so I didn’t have to miss out on any air travel frustration. My trip to north Florida was very boring, my flight out of San Francisco left at 6 a.m. and I arrived in Jacksonville around dinner time (having slept the majority of the flight). The return trip was far more eventful, I left my sister’s house around noon to drive to Jacksonville (roughly an hour and a half trip), waited at the airport for my flight at 4 p.m., arrived in Miami at 5:30, waited for hours on a delayed flight, left Miami around 10 p.m., landed in San Francisco a hours later than anticipated, paid my exorbitant parking fee and sped home.

When I woke up the next day, I looked over at how bitchy and whiney my posts to Twitter from the previous day were. I don’t think I’m normally that big of a jerk but traveling alone, I needed to vent, often. (note: times listed are PST, for the majority of the trip I was in EST)

11:10 AM Still kind of amazes me how many young women in the south are running around with babies in tow.

11:34 AM How the news should cover this incident: Guy tries something on plane, passengers take him out. Post-9/11, TSA is pointless

12:57 PM Shit. My first flight today has propellers. Fucking propellers.

1:22 PM Propeller death trap.

3:20 PM Step 1 complete; in Miami. Now to SFO.

3:29 PM How does restricting carry-ons make up for the TSA’s incompetence? Predictable kneejerkery.

3:43 PM Waiting on a fucking bus to go back to the terminal. My connection is boarding right the hell now :/

3:56 PM “Fortunately” my flight was delayed an hour, so I didn’t nearly catch it. Fuckin AA.

4:24 PM Let’s just stop flying airplanes, that’s the only real way to stay safe from the terrurists.

4:47 PM It’s okay American Airlines, I really didn’t want to go home anyways.

5:05 PM Outlined a couple posts I want to write on the plane; our original delayed departure time has past, I might never get to writing

6:03 PM More delayment. 2nd potential departure time passed

6:08 PM What kind of toolbox gets luggage embroidered with their initials?

6:11 PM Apparently somebody on the previous flight puked, so we’re delayed while they scrub vomit off the seats. Worth it.

6:26 PM The snacks in Miami are a bit dry

6:40 PM This plane better make it to SFO, I’ll be pretty pissed to have waited 3 hours to end up in a field.

7:23 PM OMFG I AM TOTALLY ON THE PLANE. 3.5 hours late.

1:45 AM Made it to SFO, only a few hours late. Now to drive home, find a parking spot and cry in the shower a bit

3:05 AM Finally home. Showered, clipped fingernails, q-tip’d ears. Feeling better.

Suffice to say, I don’t think I’m flying American Airlines again for some time (or at all for that matter). The whole experienc to Florida and back was grueling to say the least; with the parking fees, baggage fees, meal fees, delays and endless hours breathing recycled air riddled with H1N1 and sneezes, I think I’m going to keep my feet on the ground for a while.