There’s quite a big advertising blitz in San Francisco for the “Book of Eli” movie, which as far as I can tell is another in a line of quasi-religious films (fortunately Tom Hanks doesn’t star in this one). I now see a billboard that’s a derivation of this on my ride home from work:

To be honest, I was already not going to see this movie but their marketing campaign has hammered the final nail in the cross (er, coffin). Perhaps I’m far more woeful of religion after seeing too many documentaries like “Jesus Camp” and watching clips of Pat Robertson.

In a world of spiteful neo-conservatives hijacking public discourse on important issues with nonsense about the gays, abortion and anything else that can be misconstrued as “christian values.” A world where radical sects of Islam kidnap, murder and terrorize; a world where no religion is without blood on their hands, the billboard is technically right.

I think that’s why it bothers the hell out of me.