Some users of Hudson have already started to notice a subtle addition to the latest release, 1.343, a new background watermark image.

The commit message (r26728) from Kohsuke, the incredibly talented founder and maintainer of the Hudson project, adds a bit of sadness to the whole affair:<blockquote>In tribute to Sun Microsystems and all my colleagues who had to go today. I hope the community would forgive me for doing this. </blockquote>

Given the incredible speed at which the tech industry grows and moves, it’s easy to forget that there are a number of talented engineers that have spent their careers at Sun building technologies that have helped change the face of modern computing, regardless of whether or not Sun could figure out how to sell them: SunOS/Solaris, Java, DTrace, SPARC 64-bit chips, Sun Grid Engine, JRuby, the W3C XML specification, ZFS, OpenOffice (acquisition), MySQL (acquisition), and VirtualBox (acquisition).

As a corporation, I personally think Sun was a failure, as a foundation of engineering in Silicon Valley, I think Sun has been quite successful.

To those that are being pushed out as part of the merger with Oracle, I want to sincerely thank you for your contributions to computing and wish you the best of luck. Here’s the “full” version of the image, which I found via @jtnl’s TwitPic stream: