Writing for multiple blogs 10 Feb 2010
miscellaneous software development

My New Year’s resolution this year was incredibly generic insofar that I merely wanted to “write more.” No qualifications for what kind of writing that entailed, I simply want to become a better writer (or blogger), with technical subjects in particular I’d like to get better at writing in a fashion that is interesting, parse-able by novices and has sufficient “depth” to interest more technical readers. I’m not sure if I can define what being a “better writer” will entail or how I’ll know when I’m there, so for now I’m just trying to write good content. Considering my last post didn’t even pretend to ride the fence between opinionated-article and full-on rant, I think it’s safe to say that in order to accomplish my goal I need more venues for writing and more topics to write about.

One of those venues, which I’ve linked to before is the Apture Blog; I have written for the company blog already this year and chances are I will have another few posts go up as we tackle some of the technical challenges we’re currently facing (you can view my posts here). Unfortunately there’s only so many articles I can write for the Apture Blog without giving away any confidential information or turning it completely into a technical blog (hint: it’s not).

Looking around at a few of the open source communities that I’m involved in, two groups stick out: Eventlet and Hudson. Eventlet already has a blog and I’m certain my usage of Eventlet is not steady enough to warrant any kind of authoritative posts on the subject. The other, Hudson, is something I’ve used on a daily basis for almost a year and a half. Not only that, I run the @hudsonci twitter account and founded the #Hudson channel on Freenode, I’ve also tried my hand at developing some plugins for Hudson (which is written in Java). Suffice to say, I’m quite the little Hudson cheerleader.

When I floated the idea of an “official” blog for Hudson, which I would help drive, to Kohsuke and some other “core” developers of Hudson, the idea was well received and I set off getting Drupal configured, writing some preliminary content and getting ready for a launch of Continuous Blog. While my writing contributions thus far to Continuous Blog have been sparse, I’ve gotten to play the delightful role of Editor which is an entirely different experience unto itself.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this develops, I might end up writing for a few other blogs depending on interest and time, but for now my shenanigans can be found on: