President's Day in Photos 16 Feb 2010

While I don’t carry a decent camera around with me, I’ve found that the camera in my Samsung Jack is usually decent enough if I can hold my hands still (rare). Ended up snapping a few photos today and wanted to post them with a little bit of story behind them.

That's new

My bike route to the office takes me up and down Page St. which runs into Market St. just on the other side of Van Ness Ave. I never saw the accident or another car, I just saw a couple of cops and tow-truck guys standing around this flipped car on the turn from inbound Market St. onto Franklin St. I didn’t see any damage on the vehicle so I’m still quite puzzled how it was flipped and which direction it could have possibly been heading.

Leela and Zoidberg (Kid Robot figures)

I picked these two figures up from Kid Robot for Apture’s Christmas Secret Santa, they ended up going to Josh who didn’t take them with him for whatever reason. I’ve since moved them to a more visible location (right below the Hudson dashboard).

Twin Peaks shrouded in cloudery

Given the cloud cover that I normally ride home through I was quite surprised to see clear skies over Twin Peaks on my ride home. Of course, it is still February, so the clouds were still there, creeping along the ground.