I get lippy when I drink 17 May 2010

Most folks that know me, either virtually or otherwise, know I have opinions. Plenty of opinions, regardless of whether or not I’m qualified to comment on the subject, chances are, I will. At 21st Amendment last Friday, I was in quite a “mood” and poking fun at a few people, of course Can dutifully posted them to twitter, all of which I feel need explaining.

“no, they just apply synergy to paradigms!” - via @cansar

Some how Chris Messina and David Recordon came up in the conversation, I’m not afraid to say that I’ve known of them both for almost three years now, and I still don’t have a clue what they actually do.

“yeah, well he shops at [El] Pollo Loco” - via @cansar

Apparently Can doesn’t know you can buy Bison meat (a tasty alternative to beef), Can also thinks 6 sushi rolls are enough for lunch, suffice to say he has the eating habits of a Maury Povich baby.

“the UK has very lax [child] labor laws, before that he was a chimney sweep” - via @cansar

When discussing Apture’s advisors, Ben Metcalfe came up, smart guy, fun to hang out with but apparently worked for the BBC in his teens, which I didn’t know before Friday evening.

In the interest of full-disclosure, I was drinking.

If you’re interested in hearing me poke fun at myself, you, your startup, your colleagues or your investors, do join me at 21st Amendment next friday at 5 p.m.