A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post on how to “Be a Libor”, trying to codify a few points I feel like I learned about building a successful engineering team at Slide. Shortly after the post went live, I discovered that Libor had been promoted to CTO at Slide.

Over coffee today Libor offered up some finer points on the post in our discussion about building teams. It is important, according to Libor, to maintain a “mental framework” within which the stack fits; guiding decisions with a consistent world-view or ethos about building on top of the foundation laid. This is not to say that you should solve all problems with the same hammer, but rather if the standard operating procedure is to build small single-purpose utilities, you should not attack a new problem with a giant monolithic uber-application that does thirty different things (hyperbole alert!).

Libor also had a fantastic quote from the conversation with regards to approaching new problems:

Just because there are multiple right answers, doesn’t mean there’s no wrong answers

Depending on the complexity of the problems you’re facing there are likely a number of solutions but you still can get it wrong, particularly if you don’t remain consistent with your underlying mental framework for the project/organization.

As usual my discussions with Libor are interesting and enjoyable, he’s one of the most capable, thoughtful engineers I know, so I’m interested to see the how Slide Engineering progresses under his careful hand as the new CTO. I hope you join me in wishing him the best of luck in his role, moving from wrangling coroutines, to herding cats.

God speed mooncat