Over the past year or two I’ve become quite fond of tiled window managers, the jump to Awesome (which I’ve since dropped) to XMonad was a logical one. My gratuitous use of GNU/screen and Vim’s tabs and split window support, already provided a de-facto tiled window manager within each one of my many terminals. The tiled window manager on top of all those terminals has served to improve my heavily-terminal biased workflow.

One computer has never been enough for me, at the office my work spans three screens and two computers, I’ve not yet discovered a Thinkpad that can drive three screens alone; at home I typically span three screens and two laptops (let’s conveniently ignore the question of why I feel I need so much screen real estate). Tying these setups together I use synergy to provide my “software KVM” switch. As long as I’ve used synergy, I’ve had to switch from one screen to the other with a mouse, which is one of the few reasons I still keep one on the desk.

Until I discovered a way around that, thanks to Jean Richard (a.k.a geemoo) who posted this little configuration change to synergy.conf:

section: options keystroke(control+alt+l) = switchInDirection(right) keystroke(control+alt+h) = switchInDirection(left) end

With this minor configuration change, combined with XMonad, Vimium (Vim-bindings for Chromium) and my usual bunch of terminal-based applications, I can go nearly mouse-less for almost everything I need to do during the day.