Adios Drupal 16 May 2011
drupal opinion jekyll

If you’ve seen a recent flood of backlogged blog posts of mine in your feed reader then I sincerely apologize. I finally pulled the trigger on switching from Drupal, the fantastic CMS, to Jekyll, a fantastic site generator.

For a rather long time I’ve been pining to write my blog posts in nothing but Markdown and Vim and with Jekyll I can finally do that. I can also use Git to properly manage the content for the blog, meaning I just about everything I do now resides in Git.

Migrating from Drupal was easy enough but I did need to modify this script a bit in order to properly pull out:

  • taxonomy (i.e. tags)
  • path alias

Overall, I’m very pleased with the transition. I spent far more time tweeking the look and feel rather than actually doing work (that’s how it usually is with these things). Here’s hoping it gets me blogging more!