This past week, despite moving apartments across Berkeley on Wednesday, I managed to learn some interesting things here and there.

  • The GNU/diff utility can display full side-by-side diffs with the use of the -y flag. In conjunction with colordiff (e.g. diff -y file.c file.c.orig | colordiff) this can provide pretty helpful, console-based, side-by-side comparisons
  • oprofile is both useful and a pain in the ass, at the same time
  • Sasparalla, the drink, is very similar to root beer. Sasparilla the plant, is a trailing vine native to central america. I always thought The Stranger character in The Big Lebowski was ordering some kind of liquor, not a root beer.
  • In Jenkins, using a combinations of promoted builds, “keep build forever” and build descriptions is a great way to denote: which build is ready to be deployed (promoted builds) and which builds have been deployed (keep forever, edit description).
  • The authentic German bakery “Octoberfeast” in downtown Berkeley sells loafs of bread, but no brötchen. The hunt continues.