Chrome and shortcuts for the web 03 Jul 2011
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(Note: this post by reddit user megadrive is responsible for the light-bulb clicking in my brain)

Do you remember a time when “clean urls” were not the norm on the web? Those were the days I tell you, and by days I mean, bad days.

The combination of clean URLs and editible search engines in the Chromium web browser has opened up an avenue for a number of shortcuts one can add to their web browsing experience.

Basically, you take any site you regularly visit a standard set of URLs for, let’s say Twitter for example. A standard (without the idiotic hash-bang) looks like: where the last token of the URL is the username.

Auto-completing a twitter profile

With Chrome/Chromium’s magic address bar, you can create a “custom search engine” to go straight to a user’s profile, with a search engine URL of:

Once you start to see the opportunities for tokenizing URLs on other sites, you can start to create a littany of short-cuts to get to just about any page on any site you frequent. Below are some of the short-cuts that I currently have configured for reference:

Custom Search Engines in Chromium

Sometimes it’s the novel little hacks that make me happy, the little bit of custom search functionality in Chromium is one of the few bits of polish that really goes a long way with me compared to the other guys