Exhibiting poor judgement in race selection 07 Nov 2011

A couple of months ago my wife and I did a 10k trail run because, frankly, we’re idiots. Continuing in that tradition, we have a 12k trail run coming up this weekend, again, because we’re idiots.

The 10k race back in September left me with a painful case of runner’s knee in my right knee which I’m still working through with the help of some drastically better running shoes and a patella strap. Things are “trending upwards” in that area, so I’m not too concerned there.

I’ve been a bit more confident in my preparedness for this trail compared to last time around, or at least I thought I was until EC (wife) sent me this image:

Race profile, yikes

While we’re not doing the full 25k, we are doing up until about mile 7-8, which still looks brutal.