I have been exploring the wide world of Behavior Driven Development lately with Cucumber. For the longest time I’ve been fascinated with Cucumber from a conceptual standpoint; a written-word testing framework, do go on! I’m quite pleased to finally be able to put it to good use with some recent projects that I’ve been working on.

The only downside I’ve found, thus far for Cucumber comes down to the use of the term “cukes” to describe Cucumber-based tests.

The word “cuke” or “cukes” simply has an unpleasant, wretched feeling to it. It sounds like something unpleasant to get on your shoes. I really do not like this word.

As such, I will henceforth refer to Cucumber-based tests as “gherkins” instead.

I look forward to writing plenty of posts in the future about creating high quality gherkins for browser testing and cross-system testing, stay tuned!

(I sure have been complaining about names a lot lately haven’t I?)