About the Lookout Hackers Blog 22 May 2012
lookout ruby devops

I’ve neglected cross-posting some of the articles I’ve written over the past month or so for the newly inaugurated Lookout Hackers blog. The generally idea of the Hackers blog is to give Lookout Engineering a bit clearer of a voice and an avenue to publish blog posts on things that are nitty-gritty and technical.

A couple of the posts I’ve written which may interest you are:

  • Integration Testing with Foreman

    At Lookout we find ourselves building more and more APIs and backend services these days. Naturally we would like to be certain that everything will work fine and dandy once it has been deployed. The reality of building out a service-oriented architecture is that you not only have to expect failure to happen, you have to plan and test for it.

  • Continuous Deployment for Ruby Gems

    With the above workflow and these conventions in place, we’ve reaped a couple of benefits, the most obvious one has been the severely reduced time it takes for new gems to be created and incorporated into production systems. At a higher level, we’ve gained more confidence in our gems with this emphasis on testing, traceability and code review baked into the process from the start.

The blog is still fairly young, and we’re getting more developers used to writing blog posts for it. You can subscribe to the atom feed here or just follow @LookoutEng on Twitter.