Hub board: Call for testers 27 May 2012
resin amber github hubboard

I’ve been working on Hub board off and on for the past couple months, and I finally think it’s ready for some more broad beta testing.

Hub board itself is meant to be a more visual Kan-ban style board built on top of GitHub Issues. There are three states for issues “Open / Assigned”, “In Progress” and “Closed.” By default Hub board will not show you any issues that are not assigned to you; unfortunately there is not a means to assign existing issues to yourself through Hub board issue #52).

Hub board yay

Please visit the intro page to learn more, and file issues on GitHub.

For the curious, Hub board is built with Amber Smalltalk a JavaScript implementation of the Smalltalk language and runtime. It is also built and deployed with the Resin which embeds Amber and couples it with a simple Sinatra web server to make developing Amber applications exceptionally easy.