Juggling rice 02 Sep 2012

For the past couple weeks I’ve been learning how to juggle in my spare time (and a bit at work). The act of juggling itself is surprisingly easy, so I learned how to juggle in about 2 hours one afternoon, since then I’ve been learning how to juggle well, which is much more difficult.

Thus far I don’t know how to do anything other than the standard 3-ball cascade, partly due to “poor equipment” (partially due to “sucking at juggling”).

Juggling balls: Making Of

The juggling balls that I purchased on Amazon turned out to be incredibly light, which makes them much more difficult to catch properly. After lamenting this fact on the ##juggling IRC channel (on Freenode) I was linked to this guide to making your own juggling balls with rice and balloons.

Overall I think my wife and I spent about 30 making 5 balls out of probably 20 balloons, including screw-ups. The end result being the nice rice-filled balls you see below.

Finished juggling balls

I’m looking forward to the eventual disaster that’s going to happen when the cat rips one of these open, but until then, I’ve got some great, weighty juggling balls to continue practicing with!