I am *not* speaking at Jenkins World 17 Aug 2017
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Jenkins World 2017 is nearly upon us, and I must admit that I am not actually presenting a talk at the event. I haven’t been speaking as much this year, compared to 2016, since I have been very busy building the Evangelism team at CloudBees. Three new hires and one transfer later and it’s already time for Jenkins World! Eep!

For those interested in the continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) ecosystem, those that consider their jobs as “Release Engineering”, or those that consider themselves “Tools Developers”, I think Jenkins World is one of the few events for “us.” There tends to be some overlap with events such as O’Reilly’s Velocity Conf, but I find that the content at Velocity has a heavy “Ops” tint to it, where content at Jenkins World has a heavy “releng” (release engineering) tint.

This year Jenkins World is in San Francisco from August 29th to the 31st, and while I’m not giving a talk, here is a summary of where you can find me at the event.

Monday, August 28th: Training/Workshops begin. Since my team helped create and update a lot of this content, I’ll be floating around in the sessions, and probably working on documentation from the back of one of the rooms. If you want to have a chat about Jenkins things, Monday is probably the best day for some seriously in-depth conversations.

Tuesday, August 29th: Jenkins World 2017 Contributor Summit starts bright and early at 9am. This is usually my favorite part of Jenkins events since we discuss the present, and future, of the Jenkins project. It’s also a great time to put IRC names to faces. If you’re already a contributor to Jenkins, or interested in helping evolve Jenkins, I strongly recommend joining the Contributor Summit. After the Summit we’ll have a Contributor Appreciation Dinner & Drinks, if you want to clink glasses and toast the future, this would be the best time to come say hello. My fingers are crossed for a suitable beer selection, but as my hop-snobbery knows no bounds, I’m not getting my hopes up.

Wednesday, August 30th: The main event begins! During the event I’ll be mostly staffing the Jenkins project’s booth on the expo floor. The schedule is packed with sessions I would like to see, but there’s no telling how busy the Jenkins project booth will be; it is Jenkins World after all. I’m particularly interested in:

Of course there are a ton of other sessions, but you might find me sneaking in, or out, of one of these.

Thursday, August 31st: The final day for Jenkins World, will be much like Wednesday for me. You’ll be able to find me for most of the day at the Jenkins project’s booth. Other than that, you might catch me in these sessions:

After the event ends on Thursday, there’s going to be some hacking on Jenkins from Friday until Sunday. While I won’t be able to join anything in-person, I expect to be lurking most of the weekend on the #jenkins IRC channel. If you’re interested in contributing code to the Jenkins project, this is another good time to dive in, since there will be a high concentration of hackers around post-Jenkins World.

While I’m not presenting per se, I’m sure my voice will be hoarse from all the talking once the week has concluded. If you’re keen on anything in the CI/CD space, it will be a very fruitful week; hope to see you there!