Join the Azure OpenDev Event 05 Oct 2017
azure jenkins presentation

Quite possibly my favorite part about working on open source infrastructure is that I can share as much as I want! Contrary to corporate infrastructures, where most of it is closed source and hidden away, open source project infrastructure is by its very nature open. From a pedagogic standpoint, this allows me to teach others without needing to create contrived demonstrations or examples, but we can instead refer to the real code being used to deploy the Jenkins project.

On October 25th at 9am PST I will be at Microsoft’s Channel9 studios with a number of other smart people to talk open source tools and technologies with Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform.

My session will begin at 9:45am, and will focus on Continuous delivery of infra to Azure:

The Jenkins project hosts most of its infrastructure—a combination of Terraform, Kubernetes, and Puppet—in Azure. As an open source project, it automates the delivery of their own infrastructure-as-code, all of which is, of course, open source.

In this session, Tyler will show some live examples of infrastructure continuous delivery with Jenkins and Azure.

Based on the previous Azure OpenDev events that I have seen, this should be a lot of fun, I hope you’re able to tune in!