A simple starter application for Feathers and TypeScript 23 Sep 2018
typescript feathers

It took me a little while to get comfortable with TypeScript when used in conjunction with Feathers. I have found the combination to be quite useful for building small little web APIs and applications over the past couple months, but starting from scratch has been a bit of a pain. Tweaking all the configuration files, and getting all the right dependencies installed is not somemthing I want to keep resident in my memory, so I have created this feathers-typescript-starter repository.

The repository has what I find are suitable defaults and dependencies within it. Including winston for logging, sequelize for accessing the database, and jest for testing.

Unfortunately neither CLI provided by the @feathers/cli nor sequelize-cli packages can properly generate TypeScript right now, so some additional hand-tweaking is necessary to convert newly created services or models into TypeScript.

I hope you find this repository useful!